Come join us in beautiful Teacapán, Mexico

Teacapán is a village located at the mouth of the river Agua Grande, which feeds one of the largest estuaries in Mexico. The area offers an idyllic, peaceful rural environment, far from the money hustle of the tourist trade. It is a gateway to unlimited beaches and endless mangroves full of hundreds of bird species, as well as dolphins feeding on the rich aquatic life. For more information visit this website:

You will see acres of productive farmland around Teacapán, in fact you may be buying tomatoes or peppers grown in this area at your supermarket! The primary crops are tomatoes and peppers, as well as coconuts and mangoes.

Interesting day trips could include shopping in Mazatlán, or Escuinapa, where there are very economical dentists. Visiting the beautiful town of El Rosario (founded in 1655, and once a major silver mining area with a fabulous cathedral) or the historical island town of Mexcaltitán.

Delicious and inexpensive Mexican food is available in many places in and around Teacapán. Pick up a tasty butterflied BBQ chicken (pollo asado) including fresh warm tortillas, salsa, and a pasta salad from the street vendors, or have dinner and watch the sun set over the Malecon at Senior Wayne's, or out at La Tambora located right on Tambora Beach (Playa Tambora). There's a pool hall in town if you'd like to test your skills with your friends or the locals. For a later night dinner, visit the fantastic streetside taco stand for the best tacos or Quesadillas in Mexico!

There are also plenty of fresh seafood vendors, and numerous little stores in town that sell food and fresh veggies, beer, liquor, and everything else. Large grocery stores can be found in Escuinapa, 35 minutes away.